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TOMORROW is an interactive film installation which puts the viewer in an awkward situation. Amongst calm lights and beautiful haze, the film attracts the viewer to come near and admire the panoramic scenery. Our planet could have been this wonderful. But we all crossed the line. And in a jiffy, the film switches from a beautiful dreamy landscape to a dystopian future which is daunting and scary. 

TOMORROW is a provocative take on the current global climate crisis.

Sketch for Exhibition.001.jpeg

The aim is to push the boundaries of traditional audio visual entertainment into an immersive experience. The video uses a mixed media approach where a lot of different elements like paintings, videos, animations and 3D graphics are tied together to form a synchronised visual collage. The film is also a take on the rise of demand of immersive content creation and accessibility to complex editing softwares. The aesthetics of the film reflect traditional painting techniques mixed with emerging futuristic trends. The installation is an impactful visual treat sharing a frightening message to generate strong emotions within the viewer.


Example of how the video would switch every time a person crosses the laser light.


Person at the beach 

Daniel Baldé

God of Destruction 

Rufus Barkley

Smoking Mountain Girl

Miranda Menzies


Future Cool Kids

Yuan Yu Chen Feng, Timami Yestha, Sebastian

Visual Artist

Adam Frost

Teleporting BFFs

SiobhánDaniel Baldé

Future Vintage Girls

ElizavetaFiorella Pomarino

Old lady with Robo-Nurse

Shreyansha Khandelwal

Couple with the Baby

Akis KokkinosCostas Kazantzis

Goddess and Dancer

Niharika KumarRaymond Wade

Volleyball Player

Julia Karolina Frey

Couple with the pet 1

Rubie StrikerAlfred Davis

Couple with the pet 2 sitting

Niharika KumarJulia Karolina Frey

Cluster Entertainers

Natalia Rogalska, Zoe Anne R, Firda Amelia



Future Punk

Tatiana IvanovaStacey


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