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Kering x Centre for Sustainable Fashion


Imagine a future where sustainability is not just used as a buzzword but is being followed like a religion, and sustainable fashion, transparency in supply chains, humanity, and our lifestyle in sync with the planetary boundaries are mainstream…





Ayesha Kotak – MA Retail Management (Research)

In (Tony) Lee – MA Fashion Design Technology 

Womenswear (Research and Planning)


Julia Karolina Frey – MA Strategic Fashion Marketing (Writing, Marketing)

Tushar Rajan Sharma – MA Fashion Media Production (Research, Prototyping, Visual Identity)

The identity is based on values of inclusion, community enhancement, and disruption. Inspired by Kering's emblem- the Owl that represents vision, wisdom, and un-obstruction, the logo of ‘KARE’ app depicts continuity and the power of networking.


We take Kering to the future by designing a logo formed by the movement of the wings of the wise owl representing endless circuits of energy. 

The colour scheme - teal and mint represents freshness, enthusiasm, and energy of the new generation. These colours match our value of incorporating the app in our daily lives and changing the perception of clichés around sustainability.

HOW does it work?
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