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A digital artist with 6+ years of work experience commissioning as an Art Director and Creative Director. Born in India and currently residing in London, embodies a natural passion for reimagining fresh ideas through cross-cultural and cross-industry viewpoints. 


Tushar acquired expertise working on hybrid projects involving branding, campaigns, films, visual narratives, websites, photoshoots, marketing assets, print media, social media, APIs, etc. Working with 20+ clients and complex teams of stakeholders, designers, investors, sponsors and consumers, he has developed strong software skills and having been in the shoes of a graphic designer, photographer, typography artist, illustrator and editor, now helps him understand and control teams of artists and designers with confidence and efficiency. 


Having worked with numerous luxury brands touching fashion, lifestyle, events & properties, he finds it comfortable to understand the ethos of distinct brands, fulfilling multiple briefs at once. He has worked for and in association with various international brands such as Kering, Manish Arora, Amit Aggarwal, Forest Essentials, Valentina Karellas, Divyam Mehta, Rimzim Dadu and more. As a team manager, he has had the opportunity to lead the development of concepts, and ideas and to visualise them into successful projects. Working for emerging innovators since their inception like AKHL, Paradyes, Pravaas, Example, Manimekala and Amaya, opened the room to explore different mediums to create visual narratives for upcoming names in the fields of fashion and lifestyle. 


Between these six years of working in the industry, he has obtained a forward-thinking and future-facing Master's Degree in Fashion Media Production at the London College of Fashion. The interactive film built with his digital paintings, motion graphics and love for storytelling, called TOMORROW, was showcased at Aesthetica Short Film Festival’s Interactive Media Lab in 2021.

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